Monday, December 20, 2010

My Christmas Shopping. But Even More.

Hey everyone :)

I've been pretty busy lately but I wanted to share my life on this past Friday with you. It was one of my best friends' Birthday so she invited me to go shopping with her and some of her family. The previous night i was staying at a motel in Owen Sound because I went with my mom to the hospital there so she could get an MRI. So we got up early and headed back to little Wingham. We were both very tired.
         As soon as we got back I was off again but this time to Kitchener. It was very squishy in the car. Laurens dad, Dana, Racheal, Lauren and I. It was nice though, we all joked and laughed. When we got there we went to one of the malls, Fairview i believe. I didn't do any shopping there but we all split up so Lauren and I could have some time to just hang out. We had lots of fun together even though i'm very awkward when shopping. Then we went to a few stores on our way to a better mall.
          At the next mall (Conestoga), I ended up buying most of my Christmas gifts. I got deals on all of them. When everyone was finished shopping we met up again and i noticed that throughout the day i became so close with their family that i was acting like they were my own. A salesman asked Laurens dad if we were all his daughters. He replied yes but then the salesman said: "But not the blonde one right?" Which i realized made me really sad. It probably shouldn't because he's not my dad and i have my own but i really like pretending to belong to their family for awhile.
       Later we met up with Laurens mom and we all had supper together. It was such a wonderful day and i felt really loved. I had so much attention on me but everyone else had a lot too and it felt like i was in one of those "perfect little families" for awhile. They are really great people.

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  1. Aww, im so glad you had a nice day <3 They sound like a really nice family!