Monday, December 13, 2010

Here goes nothing.

Okay. This is a blog. Not really sure what people usually write but i figured I'd try this out and see what happens. I'm not very interesting, I don't have very many profound thoughts and I'm a terrible writer but I've made this to just speak. To whoever wants to listen. Maybe no one does. Either way, I'm typing it.
         Today I watched a video that my friend Adam made. He talked about how our lives are not mistakes and God has a purpose for everyone. It seemed that i watched it at the exact right time. I have been feeling pretty down lately. I felt under-appreciated and like no one really pays attention to anything i do. I guess thats not what Adams video was about but then i went to this page he made for people to leave comments and stuff.
           This is actually how i came to making a blog because one of my acquaintances posted her blog. I read it and she had posted a you tube video. It was like a letter from God and it just talked about how much he loves us and watches over us and i just kinda realized that it doesn't matter how much others don't care about what i do. God cares. He has always cared and always will. The past few weeks i felt further from God and i was really upset about it because i thought that i would feel like i was in his presence for longer than i did. No matter what though, we are going to go through ups as well as downs. After watching that video though, i felt closer to him. So i started listening to music. Not my usual christian music that i just kinda listen to. I listened to music that was going to make me think, was going to bring me closer to him. I'm loving this feeling.

So that is my first post i guess

Here is the video i watched:
Here is my friends blog that i was reading:

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